A Rich History of Building Great Service

In January 2006, Northern Community Investment Corporation committed to lead in the fundraising, design, development and implementation of a state of the art, open access broadband infrastructure to serve the underserved areas of our six-county responsibility. Interestingly at the same time, when Senator Gregg asked Littleton Industrial Development Corporation what the North Country needed most, they responded broadband. He was very interested to help and asked them to find a fiscal agent. Soon the two organizations united and began to develop Wireless LINC of NH as an open access network.

At that time, the land line telephone system was owned and operated by Verizon who was not focused on serving this sparsely populated region with difficult terrain and weather conditions. The system was antiquated and lacked a sufficient return on investment to justify a for profit entity to invest in the underserved areas.

Early in the project, the telephone system was sold to FairPoint Communications who came with a commitment to offer DSL in the more populated locations of the community. NCIC worked with FairPoint Communications and established a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to serve the region.

Our region is extremely mountainous and sparsely populated. Our extensive, multi-season testing has proven the selected technology for every aspect of the delivery system to best handle the region’s foliage, foliage change, weather extremes and topology. Specific advantages for using this particular technological strategy include the ability to cross extreme topography and reach remote locations with high speed service that is cost effective compared to a land based solution.

Wireless LINC delivers wireless high-speed broadband internet access to residents and businesses in both northern New Hampshire and Vermont via wireless signals transmitted from regional towers to a Wireless LINC modem and router placed in your home or business. If you are beyond the reach of cable or DSL providers, you can now receive the same high quality internet. Service is currently available from North Stratford NH and Bloomfield VT in the north to Franconia and Lyman NH in the south and from Jefferson NH in the east to Barnet VT in the west. The technologies used are highly secure and easy to upgrade, thereby offering the region state-of-the-art performance both now and as demands increase. If your home or business is not currently in the Wireless LINC service area, be sure to let us know. We will be prioritizing the installation of these new towers based upon customer demand.